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December 12th, 2005

09:47 am
Your 2005 Song Is

Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

"My shadow's the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating"

In 2005, you bummed everyone out. Like you care.

Current Mood: depresseddepressed

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October 5th, 2005

12:50 am - im leaving now..
well, im leaving...as many of you knew i was...well im leaving sooner. Tomorrow, actualy, and i will be back in town a week from tomorrow for a few days, and then back up where im moving to... NOONE knows EXACTLY where im moving, lets just say eugene, close enough. Anyone who cares about getting ahold of me my number is (541) 281-7429 . if you need anything or something or whatever just call me. love you all much.

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September 13th, 2005

02:07 am - FIRE!!!
Well, since im SO frigging excited, i guess i will share my news, lol. This weekend, i start fire academy!!!! i will get all my basic fire fighter training, and first aid/ cpr certification and all that stuffs...*giggle* IM SO FRIGGING HAPPY. im going to have plenty of money to do everything and im like BEHOOOWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA DO YOU NOT SHARE MY EXCITEMENT???

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September 8th, 2005

12:50 pm - the proposal!
i took amisty to the coast, where i used to live, a beautiful place...She said it was the most beautiful place she had ever been...i asked her to marry me, on the beach...AND SHE SAID YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 im engaged!!!!i love her so much.
OH and my last day in here where i live will probably be november 10th., though i wont have internet for much longer!!

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September 1st, 2005

12:23 am - OMG*squeekpuffupgigglegetexcitedgiggleagain*
im asking amisty to marry me this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Current Mood: excitedexcited

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August 29th, 2005

12:48 pm - there and back again....
I went, to where my girl moved, i spent the weekend there..i left early saturday morning (4 am actualy, lol) and drove the 3-1/2 to 4 hour drive up there. I spent a couple of hours with my girl before i zonked out on her bed. I didnt even notice, lol.i was worn out. We did my laundry, and went to the skate park, where i took my inline skates...and bruised myself up nice. I had fun though. Then, sunday, we went to the beach, where it was drizzly and cool, just like i remember. Oregon coast is almost always like that. over cast, drizzly, cold...i was happpy to be at the beach...and happy to be there with the woman i love. We found TONS of sand dollars, 2 whole big ones, a lot of busted one, and a crap load of quarter size sand dollars, ....sand quarters? LMAO...sleep deprivation...lol, we went back to the skatepark, where, instead of falling WHILE SKATING...i fell on my butt twice while standing, lol...OOOOHHHH lmao....ouch....then i woke up this morning...at 6..to leave my love....im moving there...hopefully a co uple of months...*sigh* i hope...i miss her already. i love amisty...its real love...and her family loves me,, i love her family...I LOVE HER SO MUCH...i never have cried before, when leaving a girlfriend (or boyfriend from my FAR past, lol) and knowing that im not going to see them for a while....i balled my eyes out almost the whole drive...Im saving up to buy her a ring. a fancy spensive engagement ring...im gonna ask her mom if i have her blessing to ask her daughter to marry me...its going to be a while....i wantt to make sure that we work out for a while, i want to be moved there...i need to save the money...its going to take time......SHE CALLED ME HER PRINCE!!! i have wanted nothing more in life than to be someones prince...granted i am female...but i believe in THIS quote whole heartedly "man or woman, no matter what, one of strenght and nobility is ALWAYS a prince"...she called me her prince...*giggles like a girl* EHEM...lol...thought i would share that little bit...
Current Mood: soresore

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August 23rd, 2005

03:49 am - hum de dum
hooha...um yeah..its early int he mornen, and i havent slept yet, im going soon. im tired and my eyes are tired...but i wanted to post this and see what you all say....i dont think i eat a whole lot, but i dont think that im "nearly starving" myself....today i ate:

half a small microwave burrito

about 6 bites of beef stroganoff

2 ears of corn....

yesterday i ate:

one package of ramen noodles

saturday i ate:

one package of ramen

10 chicken nuggets....

on average i eat less than 2 cups of food a day...and i drink lots of water...do you think im starving myself? should i eat more???opinions people. I NEED TO KNOW
Current Mood: coldcold

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August 1st, 2005

12:23 pm - Moving...
Im moving, to eugene. I can't say when, but i am moving. Amisty is moving, and so now i am too. I will have wonderful job opportunities and everything, life will be better for me up there. Im getting a new truck so that i can move. Im working on getting a job there, and then amisty and i are getting a place. I will have internet as soon as i can, because i have a great computer. For anyone here in shit town, C YA LATER. for anyone out of town, whatever. For a certain someone-i am trying to move on, you did nothing but hurt me. You decided a guy was more worth your time than me. Now i have found someone who respects me and loves me. You are still a wonderful person, and my tattoo "my love for you never dies" still stands, but it has now because the love for a friend, and i love you as a friend. I realize we could never be more because you love chris, and you know what, im happy for you, whatever makes you happy, makes me happy. I will keep in touch and until i move/after i move, i will keep you all posted on my stuffs.

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July 9th, 2005

02:54 pm - so much FUN
yeah, this is a little late, but my party was fun and so was my bday, WOOT WOOT. LETS SEE...SATURDAY, JUNE 25TH- ALINA and i fought, she slapped me across the face, and of course, i didnt hit her back, she was a total bitch to me and all, but no big deal, the party ended up great and i had fun with amisty (hee hee) who at the time was not my girlfriend,
alina and i had broken up...okay...sunday, june 26th my bday, i get a phone call from my sister who was BALLING her eyes out because alina was moving her shit out. So yes, alina is gone, for good, after almost a year long relationship, its all over, and she is out of my life. THANK GOD!!!!!!! that was the best birthday present ever.
Now, BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, WONDERFUL, TALENTED, AWESOME....PERFECT Amisty, is my girlfriend ^.^ my is happy all the time now, never sad, my his always happy and smiley and i likes me it. WOOT WOOT, OH...WAIT..NAKED HOOT.
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: Evenascence

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June 21st, 2005

12:36 pm - happy birthday...
Sunday is my so very happy...ahem...twentieth birthday. Saturday is when im having the party...but i doubt the party will happen..thats okay...im not so special...However i know for a fact that not one of my friends is going to call me on my birthday...
yeahso......PAR-TAY...lol, im sure i will have fun this weekend.

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